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LBI Media’s radio properties are market leaders and cover an array of musical genres, which range from regional Mexican and traditional mariachi and ranchera, to pop and oldies. LBI Media, Inc. owns and operates 17 radio stations across the country and syndicates its Don Cheto Network in more than 31 markets in the U.S. 

The company’s programming team is internationally renowned for creating and developing new musical movements and discovering the newest stars in Latin music. “La Famosa Que Buena,” KBUE-FM is credited for discovering and developing the musical careers of regional Mexican superstars Adan Chalino Sanchez, Jenni Rivera, and Luis Coronel, to name a few.


Don Cheto Radio Network:

Don Cheto is a widely admired 63-year-old Latin radio personality that brings his extensive and colorful life experience in both Mexico and the United States to millions of listeners. “Don Cheto Al Aire,” which premiered in Los Angeles in 2006 on KBUE-FM, is a popular morning radio show featuring Don Cheto’s humorous anecdotes and jokes, as well as a balanced dose of music and news.  His rural Mexican style, heritage and language idioms keep listeners tuned in as he delivers non-stop entertainment and comic relief while tackling current events affecting the Latino community in the U.S. 

Co-hosted by two animated sidekicks, El Chino and Gisselle Bravo, “Don Cheto Al Aire” is a family friendly radio proposition with universal appeal among Hispanics of all ages, genders and lifestyles. Since it first aired, and throughout the years, the show has ranked #1 in various markets across the U.S. without regard to language, and has consistently featured distinguished guests such as Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and Vicente Fernandez, to name a few. 

Don Cheto Radio Network launched its first affiliate in 2009.  To date, the radio network has presence in more than 31 important markets across the U.S.


Radio Opportunities:

  • DJ Endorsements – Have your product or service endorsed by LBI Media’s own radio personalities.  LBI’s celebrity DJs will endorse your product or service with a personal touch and in so doing will add instant credibility to your message.    

  • Grass Roots Events – Kick-start your community strategies to raise awareness of your product or service through local events and promotions. LBI’s events are the biggest in the business, routinely attracting more than 50,000 people per event.

  • Live Radio Remotes – LBI Media DJs come to your location for live remote broadcasts.  It’s a great way to bring more foot traffic to your business.

  • Live Sampling – Live sampling with LBI DJs provide your product with great credibility. 

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