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Fenomeno Studios

Fenomeno Studios is the first Spanish-language Multiplatform Network (MPN) in the U.S.  launched by LBI Media, Inc. in 2015.  A multiplatform network is a digital vehicle that supports, distributes, advises and provides tools to YouTube content creators to help them develop and establish an audience.  Fenomeno Studios is located in Burbank, California, and is equipped with sound stages and postproduction facilities, which are available to all its content creators. 

Fenomeno Studios works in synergy with LBI Media’s Estrella TV, the leading, minority-owned, Spanish-language television network in the U.S. and the company’s various radio stations across the country. Fenomeno Studios’ promotional capabilities go beyond the digital space, they’re also supported by LBI Media’s television and radio properties.

Fenomeno Studios is a hip, trendy and professional digital content provider that supports Latin celebrities such as Luis Coronel, Sissi Fleitas, and radio and TV personality Pepe Garza, to name a few.  These celebrities and other content creators have experienced measureable results and have yielded an explosion in popularity as a result of partnering with Fenomeno Studios.  Joining Fenomeno Studios has garnered their personal brands a myriad benefits and a rapid increase in followers on their respective YouTube channels and social media platforms.

Some of the benefits offered by Fenomeno Studios include:

  • Sales support backed by the full LBI Media team, 80 members strong across the country, who have the important relationships with key clients across all categories. 

  • Cross-Promotion, which allows interactivity with other MCN members, thus generating an increase in channel visits and the exchange of followers from one channel to the other. 

  • Advice and counsel provided by a YouTube trained and certified team, which provide support to every member in the network. These specialists offer guidance in digital copyrights and creative feedback, which allows members to develop channels that are in line with all international copyright standards and are competitive.

  • Monetization advice for channel creators to maximize the financial earnings they may potentially generate through YouTube, including facilitating the process of generating those earnings. 

Case Study: 

One of Fenomeno Studios’ greatest success stories is Pepe’s Office.  Based on the behind the scenes ins-and-outs that take place in Pepe Garza’s office, one of the most renowned figures in radio and regional Mexican music in both the U.S. and Mexico, the channel catapulted to instant popular acclaim.  Pepe built his channel using Fenomeno Studios, and instantly attracted a loyal following. In just a few months following the launch of Pepe’s Office, the channel had reached an impressive 165,000 subscribers, and to date, his videos have garnered over 25 million unique visitors and an average of 15,000 news subscribers every month. 

This impressive digital feat can be attributed to various factors: First and foremost, Pepe’s Office was heavily promoted on both Estrella TV and Que Buena radio; secondly, he offered targeted content for his fan base; and finally, Pepe’s upbeat personality and millennial appeal, combined with Fenomeno Studios’ collaboration, distribution and digital tools, made Pepe’s Office a widely popular digital channel.

Digital content creators that are interested in becoming YouTube stars, or who simply wish to be compensated financially, have quality content to share, and an established following, may find a good fit and opportunity in Fenomeno Studios.  This platform supports digital content creators in expanding their content offering and also increasing their audience. For additional information or to register, please visit  and follow the directions to become a member.