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Mission Statement + Values

Our Mission:

To provide the most relevant and original Spanish-language programming in the United States and serve as a beacon of empowerment, information, entertainment and leadership to the communities we serve across the U.S.


Our Values


Community- We strive to not only be a partner but also an advocate for the Latino community we serve. As the largest Latino-owned Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S., we understand that the Latino community’s issues are our issues as well. We stand as one with our community.

Team Members (employees)- As a family-owned business, we value and respect the contributions and hard work of all of our employees. We are acutely aware that our successes and milestones as a company are achieved together as a team. 

Programming- We are committed to creating and providing the best original Spanish-language content for the community we serve. We strive for excellence in everything we produce for television, radio and our digital platforms.

Legacy- We pride ourselves in the pioneering history of our company in Spanish-language broadcasting in the U.S. and honor it as a guiding principle and compass for the way we operate in the present and in the future. Our legacy is a vital component of our decision-making.

Responsibility- We are committed to the highest standards of responsible and objective journalism as it relates to the delivery of our news and public service broadcasts. We pride ourselves in hiring the most reputable and qualified professionals in journalism. 

Culture- We respect, honor and uphold our Latino heritage. Respecting the diversity that exists within our community is an important part of the fabric that defines us as a Spanish-language broadcasting company.  We always remain true to our community and its overarching needs.

Leadership- We lead by example and by our actions. We have been leaders in the production and delivery of relevant and original content in Spanish-language broadcasting for nearly thirty years. 

Diversity & Inclusion-  We embrace the differences intrinsic to our community and pride ourselves in diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business; from our audience, team members and talent, to our content and the vendors we work with, respect and individuality is fostered.